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Microsoft: Digital transformation for Chile 

Microsoft Corporation is a US-based technology company that develops, licenses, supports and sells software for personal computers, servers and electronic devices, and related services.  It operates in 120 countries and has 175,000 employees around the world.   

The company arrived in Chile in 1992. In addition to stimulating the digital industry, it has also spearheaded initiatives in the areas of education, cybersecurity, and training.  

In 2020, Microsoft made its biggest announcement since its arrival in Chile: the launch of the “Transforma Chile #ReactivaciónDigital” (Transform Chile #Digital Reactivation) program, which is intended to accelerate the growth and transformation of Chilean businesses. This program involves setting up a data center region, implementing a skilling plan for over 180,000 Chileans, and creating an advisory board comprising local leaders to create inclusive opportunities to enable people to succeed in the digital economy. 

The company, supported by InvestChile, highlighted that Microsoft, its partners, and cloud-using customers will together generate an estimated $11.3 billion in the new revenue and add an estimated 51,000 new jobs to the Chilean economy over the next four years. 

Microsoft president Brad Smith noted that its data centers “will make computing more accessible at even faster speeds, providing a new and secure platform for every part of the economy and supporting President Piñera’s and Chile’s ambitious digital agenda.” 

“We aren’t building a data center just to power our own business, but to provide a critical investment in Chile’s infrastructure that will serve all the people who live here and customers who operate here,” Smith added. 

The Chilean datacenter region will join Microsoft’s global cloud infrastructure – the largest in the world – and will offer local businesses a competitive advantage across Chile’s key industries, such as energy, agriculture, finance, health, travel and manufacturing – by providing faster access to cloud services, as well as the ability to store data within the country. 



Company: Microsoft
Investment Country: United States
Area/Activity: Global Services
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