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China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC)

China Railway Construction Corporation is a Chinese state-owned company based in Beijing. The company develops infrastructure projects along four main business lines: construction operations; research activities; design and consultation; and manufacturing operations. It is also involved in other businesses, which include logistics and real estate services.

CRCC is one of the world’s largest construction companies. They have developed projects totaling more than 50,000 kilometers of highways, 50,000 kilometers of railroad lines and 45,000 kilometers of tunnels and bridges, built in more than 116 countries around the world.

For some years, one of CRCC’s focus areas has been to expand their presence in Latin America. To this end, they opened their commercial offices in Chile in 2017. The company has received support from InvestChile for expanding its operations in Chile since 2015.

In 2020, the company presented the best bid for modernizing the Talca-Chillán stretch of the Ruta 5 Sur highway, with a total investment of US$804 million. Theirs turned out to be the most attractive bid for the Chilean State, ahead of others from the Spanish company Sacyr Concesiones Chile SPA and the CINTRA-Intervial consortium. The project involves the creation of an average 350 jobs per month during the construction stage, peaking at 500 jobs per month in 2027.

At the beginning of 2022, CRCC was awarded the tender for the new Coquimbo Hospital, which entails investment of US$274 million to construct premises with a total surface area of 129,000 m2. The facilities will be more than four times larger than those of the current hospital and will triple the number of available beds. Construction will begin in mid-2023 and is expected to be competed in 2027.



Company: China Railway
Investment Country: China
Area/Activity: Infraestructura
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