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Visas and foreign citizens

2 April, 2017

Does Chile have a foreign investor’s visa?

Chilean law does not require foreign investors to obtain a visa or residence permit since they do not reside in the country on a permanent basis.

However, those foreign investors who plan to remain in Chile for more than 90 days due to their activities or interests in the country can apply for a Temporary Investor and Businessperson Visa which has a duration of one year.

The requirements for obtaining this visa depend on whether the investment project is at the planning stage or already in operation. The requirements for this visa can be found at

It is important to note that holding a visa does not exempt foreign investors who are resident overseas from the obligation to register with the SII by obtaining a Foreign Investor Tax Number (RUT).

For further information, see

What type of visa must foreign workers in Chile obtain?

A foreign worker in Chile can apply for one of two types of residence permit:

  • Residence Visa subject to Work Contract
    This is granted to overseas citizens who come to live in Chile in compliance with a work contract. It allows the holder to carry out remunerated activities only for the employer with whom the contract was signed. It is awarded for a maximum of two years and can be extended for further periods of two years but expires when the contract is terminated by either of the parties.
  • Temporary Residence Visa
    This is granted to those overseas citizens who have family ties or interests in Chile and whose residence is considered useful and convenient. In general, it allows the holder to undertake any activity in Chile with only those limitations established by law.It is awarded for a maximum period of one year and can be renewed for a further year after which the holder must apply for permanent residence or leave the country.For further information about visas, see

How much does a visa cost?

The cost of each of the different types of visa depends on international reciprocity arrangements and is, therefore, similar to what a Chilean would pay for a visa of similar characteristics in the applicant’s country of origin.

A table of the cost of visas according to an applicant’s country of origin can be found on the website of the Chilean Foreign Ministry at:

Approximately how long does it take to obtain a visa or for an application to be rejected?

The government’s Department for Foreign Citizens and Migration is not legally obliged to grant or refuse a visa within a set period. However, it normally takes approximately between three and four months for the different types of visa.