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InvestChile promotes investment opportunities in Mexico and United States

17 April, 2024
  • The agency’s director, Karla Flores, is in Mexico City holding a series of meetings with local companies. On Thursday, she will travel to Washington, where she will attend a business meeting alongside Minister Mario Marcel.

The visit of InvestChile’s director, Karla Flores, to North America began in Mexico with a series of activities. The agenda, focused on business meetings with local companies interested in the opportunities offered by Chile, includes bilateral meetings with business conglomerates, as well as meetings with industrial and government representatives.

This morning, the director of the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency, along with Chilean ambassador Beatriz Sánchez, InvestChile’s North America attaché, Beatriz Herrera, and ProChile’s commercial director in Mexico, Marcelo Sobarzo, participated in a working breakfast with a dozen representatives from companies in sectors such as infrastructure, services, health, and retail, among others. The event was organized by the Chilean-Mexican Integration Chamber (CICMEX).

Karla Flores highlighted, “For us, these kinds of visits are extremely important because they give us the opportunity to speak directly with the parent companies of Mexican business groups, some of which are already established in Chile, and see our country as a gateway to South America. We are conveying the various efforts being made by the government to promote foreign investment with concrete initiatives, such as the framework law for sectoral authorizations, the project that strengthens and makes the Environmental Impact Assessment System more efficient, incentives included in the pro-growth pact, measures to encourage tourism and the audiovisual industry, to name just a few. The reception of these measures has been extremely positive.”

It’s worth noting that the visit will also include working meetings with the Mexican Undersecretary of Commerce, Alejandro Encinas, the Director-General of Foreign Investment at the Ministry of Economy, Gibrán Briones, and the Director of Global Economic Impulse, Luis Rodrigo Morales Castillo, aimed at strengthening cooperation ties between both nations in investment matters.

Visit to the United States

Starting Thursday, the director of InvestChile will hold a series of meetings with local companies and international organizations in Washington. Similarly, on Friday morning, she will present, alongside Minister of Finance Mario Marcel, the investment opportunities offered by the country to American companies, in a meeting organized by the US Chamber of Commerce and Amcham.