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October 2023

High interest in the lithium industry marked the final day of the visit to Korea by Minister Grau and InvestChile

13 October 2023

Chilean Economy Minister and InvestChile Director Karla Flores met with local companies to present international investment opportunities related to the National Lithium Strategy Local companies’ interest in Chile’s lithium industry was one of the high points of the final day of Economy, Development and Tourism Minister Nicolás Grau’s visit to Korea. As part of the […]

Minister Grau and InvestChile’s visit Seoul on the 20th Anniversary of the Chile-Korea FTA

12 October 2023

Economy Minister Nicolás Grau and InvestChile Director Karla Flores met with local companies and authorities on their investment promotion tour in Asia. Political and business meetings marked the first day of the activities that InvestChile organized in Korea for Economy, Development and Tourism Minister Nicolás Grau. Accompanied by the Director of Chile’s Foreign Investment Promotion […]

Minister Grau and InvestChile concluded their visit to Japan with more than 16 investment promotion activities

11 October 2023

The delegation, which also includes InvestChile Director Karla Flores, will continue its Asian tour tomorrow in South Korea. Following a series of activities in Tokyo, Chile’s Minister of Economy, Development, and Tourism, Nicolás Grau, and foreign Investment promotion agency InvestChile’s Director, Karla Flores, today concluded their visit to Japan, where they participated in more than 16 […]

Foreign investment in Chile reaches US$14.5 billion in August

10 October 2023

According to InvestChile calculations, this figure is the fourth highest for this period for the years 2003-2023. Chile’s Central Bank has this morning revealed the foreign direct investment (FDI) data for the January-August period, which show a total cumulative flow of US$14.5 billion. According to InvestChile calculations, the figures particularly highlight the US$1.6 billion in […]

Minister Grau and InvestChile kick off their investment promotion tour of Asia in Japan

10 October 2023

Chile’s Economy Minister and InvestChile director Karla Flores will meet with potential investors in Japan, Korea and China to promote opportunities in critical minerals and green hydrogen. The investment promotion tour of Asia led by Chile’s Economy Minister Nicolás Grau and organized by InvestChile got underway today in Tokyo, Japan, with an intense schedule of […]

Ñuble and Biobío: IDB and InvestChile present recommendations for boosting investment and trade

04 October 2023

The Inter-American Development Bank’s report provides public policy proposals to remove barriers, improve competitive factors, and develop the necessary infrastructure to strengthen Chile’s integration into the global business ecosystem. Last week, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) presented its “Strengthening Regional Value Chains in Latin America and the Caribbean” report in the Biobío and Ñuble regions. […]

September 2023

Foreign investment as of July 2023 reaches US$12.91 billion

07 September 2023

According to InvestChile’s analysis, US$2.82 billion entered the country in July alone, a figure well above the 12-month average. This morning, the Chilean Central Bank released foreign direct investment (FDI) data for January-July, when accumulated FDI flow reached US$12.91 billion. According to InvestChile’s analysis, in July, FDI inflows totaled US$2.82 billion, a figure well above […]

Agreement: InvestChile and SERMIG will streamline the arrival of investors

05 September 2023

More than 2,000 requests to streamline visas have been made to Chile’s Foreign Investment Promotion Agency during the last year. Almost 20% of these requests originated from China, followed by Argentina and Brazil.     Coordination and collaboration between various State institutions is essential to create coherent public policies, above all when it comes to promoting […]

August 2023

Minister Grau presented Chile’s National Lithium Strategy to representatives from 400 companies

29 August 2023

At the InvestChile webinar, the largest lithium industry promotion event to date, Chile’s Economy Minister emphasized that «building trust» with international companies is crucial to the strategy.  This morning, over 400 representatives from international companies and consulting firms in 30 countries participated in InvestChile’s ‘Chile’s Lithium Strategy & Business Opportunities’ webinar. The event focused on […]

InvestChile portfolio closes the first half of the year with 12.6% more projects

11 August 2023

«Foreign companies see Chile as a safe destination to undertake new projects and expand existing operations,» said InvestChile Director Karla Flores.   InvestChile inventoried its project portfolio as of the end of the first half of the year, reporting that it supports 493 initiatives at different stages of development, totaling US$ 27.9 billion, a 12.6% increase over […]