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Lithium Call Roadshow – Frankfurt

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InvestChile and CORFO are organizing a seminar on investment opportunities and the development of capabilities for the manufacture of value-added lithium products.

The event is related to the contract between CORFO and Rockwood Lithium Limitada, a subsidiary of US-based Albemarle, for the exploitation of lithium in northern Chile’s Atacama Salt Flat. Its key attraction is the possibility of access to a guaranteed long-term supply of lithium at an advantageous price.

Chile is one of the world’s largest sources of lithium, with an annual output of approximately 80,000 tonnes of lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE). This is forecast to increase to over 300,000 tonnes by 2035, thereby maintaining the country’s position as a leading international lithium producer.

This joint invitation by CORFO and InvestChile seeks to transform Chile into an important global player in lithium production and marketing and the creation of value added and production chains around lithium.

18 May

Frankfurt, Germany


Jorge Yáñez

Investment Promotion Executive
(56-2) 2663 9200