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Foreign investment in Chile reaches US$16 billion in November, close to its highest level since 2015

7 January, 2022

InvestChile Managing Director Andrés Rodríguez, highlighted that this figure is 88% higher than the US$9 billion received in the whole of 2020.  

This morning the Central Bank announced that Chile received close to US$16 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) between January and November 2021, 72% up on the same period in 2020. The figure is 88% more than the foreign investment that entered Chile in the whole of 2020. 

According to the Bank, in November alone US$588 million in FDI entered Chile, driven by shares in equity capital, which had a positive effect of US$1 billion.  

InvestChile Managing Director Andrés Rodríguez explained that the cumulative figure for the January-November 2021 period is among the highest for the whole series (2003-2021): 41% higher than the five-year average and 13% above the average for the 2003-2021 series. “This means that the foreign investment flow recorded for Chile in 2021 goes beyond any rebound effect from a low base of comparison resulting from the impact of the pandemic on global FDI since 2019. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) projected a recovery in global flows of around 10%-15% and Chile is well above this range,” he stated.  

“Over and above any analysis, the figures show that foreign investment in Chile remains dynamic, and that business confidence and the work being done by InvestChile and the different ministries are getting results,” said Rodríguez. He added that new investments, especially in the tech and energy industries are due to be announced in the coming months. 

Including the flows in November, Chile’s FDI is approaching its highest level since 2015, when almost US$21 billion was recorded.