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GPS Office and InvestChile offer companies tips on effective investment project permitting

Over 200 executives of overseas companies participated in a new webinar in the #InvestChileTalks series of events.  

More than 200 representatives of overseas companies connected to a webinar on “How to obtain permits effectively for an investment project in Chile”, which formed part of the #InvestChileTalks cycle of events. The webinar featured presentations by executives from the Economy Ministry’s Sustainable Project Management Office (GPS).

In addition to the main topic, the companies were able to learn details about the permits and other formalities required to start a business in the country; the most common problems that arise and how to avoid them; the functioning of the Unified System of Permits (SUPER), designed to simplify the permitting process; and the investor and business facilitation services available in Chile.

The acting director of InvestChile, Juan Araya, noted that “the capacity of our country to attract and provide services for foreign investment has strengthened exponentially in recent years, with the creation of the GPS and its joint work with InvestChile.” He added that InvestChile currently has a portfolio of projects worth more than US$18,500 million, comprising over 470 initiatives, 27% more than in 2019. “InvestChile provides a series of free services to assist the investor throughout the project cycle, from scouting possible locations for the development of operations through to the project’s installation and support until operations are established,” he said.

Jorge Tapia, executive secretary of the GPS, explained that the public policies implemented seek to create an efficient state “that reduces the time required for projects’ approval or rejection, making for greater certainty and shorter permitting times”.

Pedro Beckdorf, project manager of the Unified System of Permits (SUPER), and Marcela Klein, legal coordinator of the GPS, also participated in the webinar.