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ChileWeek China: Minister Grau and InvestChile meet with lithium companies in Chengdu and Beijing

16 October, 2023
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  • Led by the President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, the event promotes investment, exports and new jobs for Chile.

President Gabriel Boric offered opening remarks at the eighth version of ChileWeek China 2023 in the city of Chengdu. His message aimed to consolidate economic ties and more than 50 years of bilateral relations between Chile and China. ChileWeek China 2023 continues today in Beijing.

The first two days of Chile’s most important export and investment promotion event in China – organized by ProChile, the Undersecretary of International Economic Relations (SUBREI), InvestChile and the private sector – were marked by meetings with lithium companies and other sectors crucial to the Chilean economy.

«We know that, in China, Chile is renowned as a reliable partner in industries like agribusiness, seafood and mining. That puts us in good standing to expand our trade relations beyond business to science, technology, innovation and even culture,» said President Boric. The Chilean President also aims to «strengthen Chile’s position as a sustainable investment destination for China and be active partners on the road to a global, digital and green economy.»

In attendance at the inaugural event were representatives of the Chinese government and the Sichuan province; the Chilean presidential delegation including Ministers Alberto Van Klaveren (Foreign Affairs), Camila Vallejo (Secretary General of Government), Nicolás Grau (Economy), Juan Carlos Muñoz (Transport and Telecommunications), Esteban Valenzuela (Agriculture) and Jessica López (Public Works), the Undersecretary of International Economic Relations, Claudia Sanhueza, InvestChile Executive Director Karla Flores and private sector representatives from both Chile and China.

Minister Grau and the InvestChile Director joined ChileWeek China activities after visiting Japan and South Korea last week, where they had a busy schedule of meetings, seminars and field visits.

Bilateral meetings in Chengdu

On Sunday afternoon, the delegation from Chile’s Economy Ministry and InvestChile – which also included Investment Commissioner for Asia Vicente Pinto, Mining Investment Promotion Executive Christoff Janse and  International Network Manager Catalina Pérez – held a series of meetings with senior executives from Chinese companies involved in different stages of the lithium value chain. The companies included Sichuan Yahua Group, Shudao Investment Group/Sichuan Road&Bridge Group Company, Sichuan New Energy Power Company and Tianqi Lithium.

In parallel, Chile’s Public Works Minister Jessica López held bilateral meetings with infrastructure companies.

Meeting with companies in Beijing

Following a series of protocol visits, President Gabriel Boric led a meeting between Minister Grau, Director Flores and senior representatives from Chinese companies on Monday afternoon.

Afterward, President Boric met with the Chinese investment company Tsingshan Holding Group before announcing a US$233 million investment project for the Antofagasta Region scheduled to begin in 2025.

The investment results from the proposal by China Yongqing Technology Co. Ltd. This Tsingshan Holding company was selected through the CORFO Call for Specialized Lithium Producers to Increase Added-Value Initiatives in Chile.

Economy Minister Nicolás Grau remarked, «This is a major announcement. It represents very concrete progress on our National Lithium Strategy, which aims to increase our country’s production capacity through different mechanisms and achieve greater added value. We are talking about close to 700 jobs in the Antofagasta region. The project is expected to be operational before the end of our administration. So, we are pleased. This is an important announcement, and we believe it aligns with the main objectives of our national lithium strategy.»

InvestChile Director Karla Flores commented, «The expanding presence of Chinese companies in Chile is certainly a testimony to their confidence in the country. We hope to continue attracting more capital to advance important industries like lithium. The companies we have met with have shown interest in the conditions Chile offers, particularly the Chilean market as a regional platform.»

The official ChileWeek China activities in Beijing end with the traditional Flavors of Chile dinner this Monday. On Tuesday, InvestChile will hold industry workshops with local companies.

Check out the best images from the first two days of ChileWeek China 2023:

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