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Chile announces launch of SUPER platform to bring together 204 online administrative processes for investment projects

  • The platform will digitalize sector permits from 29 public services and allow their processing to be tracked online.

The President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, together with the Minister of Economy, Economic Development and Tourism, José Ramón Valente, announced the launch this month of SUPER, an online platform that will centralize the process of obtaining all the permits required for investment projects. This new government measure is designed to further boost growth and facilitate investment projects.

President Piñera made the announcement at the annual breakfast of the week of the Chilean Chamber of Construction, indicating that “investment and productivity, which had become a handicap that was holding back growth, have been transformed into a driver of growth.” He anticipated that investment will expand by 6% this year while the economy grows by 3.5%.

SUPER will digitalize sector permits from 29 public services that are required for investment projects. Through the platform, it will be possible to track their processing online, with the project owner receiving instant notification of changes in their status, permitting better response times and optimizing channels of communication.

“We will be able to follow project permits online and ensure that the timeframes established by law are met and we will also try to establish timeframes for those processes which do not currently have one. We are modernizing our institutional framework for investors, shortening timeframes and fostering the implementation of many more projects and, most importantly, helping to create many high-quality jobs,” said the Minister of Economy.

The SUPER platform was developed by the Economy Ministry’s Office for Management of Sustainable Projects (GPS), with the support of the Digital Government Division of the General Secretariat of the Presidency.

The platform will be able to process 204 sector permits, starting this year with 40 permits to which a further 80 will be added in 2020 and 84 in 2021.

President Piñera also announced that the National Productivity Commission will be mandated to carry out a study to identify the main barriers to the growth of productivity in the construction and real estate sector and propose concrete measures to improve its performance and reduce legal uncertainty as a means of encouraging higher investment.

The Economy Minister indicated that “we will take the diagnosis of the National Productivity Commission and put it into practice through regulatory changes and bills.”