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Authorities see positive results from first Los Ríos Investment Forum

The next step will be to build on the strengths of local businesspeople and bring the opportunities that exist in the Region to the attention of foreign investors.


Businesspeople and agricultural producers from the Los Ríos Region met at the first Los Ríos International Investment Forum, which was organized by the Regional Development Corporation and Andes Value Research and sponsored by CORFO and InvestChile.

The Forum, which was attended by some ten companies and over 40 local producers, was held as part of the regional government’s strategy for bringing the opportunities that the Region offers to the attention of Chilean and overseas companies in a bid to attract investment and foster the development of its high-value agricultural sector.

Carlos Álvarez, director of InvestChile, noted that the initiative is a pioneering experience that will permit the creation in Los Ríos of a regional investment attraction strategy that can then be expanded to other regions of the country.

The next step, he indicated, will be “to build on the strengths, knowledge and experience of local businesspeople. Then to take that information in an attractive and concrete way to foreign investors so they can get to know the products, analyze the competitive advantages and consider investing in the Region.”

The governor of the Los Ríos Region, Ricardo Millán, announced that business worth some US$10 million could be generated as a result of the Investment Forum. He added that, apart from this, it is important to know that there are opportunities and interest in investing in the Region and that “there is a plan of work, a solid strategy in which public-private collaboration has been key and will continue to be so.”

The general manager of the Regional Development Corporation, Gonzalo Espinoza, noted that great efforts have been made and have been successful in that it has been possible to gather data about sectors where there are real development opportunities and to bring this to the attention of Chilean and foreign investors.


The Forum

The Investment Forum included over 80 activities with representatives of more than 40 local companies who were able to learn at first hand about the production capacity and high level of specialization and competitiveness of agribusiness in the Los Ríos Region.

The focus this time was on high-value foods, particularly the products of the beekeeping sector and berries but also including dairy, meat and seafood products, areas in which the Region has a highly trained labor force that enables it to offer premium products with highly competitive costs and potential for the development of industrial, pharmaceutical and homeopathic by-products and cosmetics.