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WEBINAR | What is the role of Japan in Latin America’s recovery post-covid 19?

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As Latin America grapples with the devastating economic and social effects caused by Covid-19, relations with Japan, the world’s third-largest economy, one of the main foreign investors in many of the region’s strategic industries, and partner to a significant number of companies operating throughout Latin America,   could do a lot to improve recovery prospects.

Our panel of experts will give the public an insightful look at the current situation in Latin America and the role that both the Japanese public sector and the Japanese business community could have in spurring recovery in a post-Covid-19 context.

At this event, co-organized by the Inter-American Dialogue and the Fundación Chilena del Pacífico, our panelists will consider the value of Japanese relations with Latin America and will analyze the possibilities of better Japan-Chile cooperation.

We invite participants to submit questions using the “Q&A” feature in Zoom. You can also submit questions using the event hashtag on Twitter or by submitting questions to