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Webinar |  We boost your business in Chile

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Due  to the 100 years celebration of the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce of Chile (CAMACOES), the entity has been carrying out a series of webinars to promote business, investment and commercial integration between Chile and Spain.

The Webinar “We boost your businesses in Chile” organized by OP Chile – CAMACOES partner company and member of the Trade and Investment Committee- supported by CAMACOES, ProChile and InvestChile, seeks to provide to Spanish information technology companies an strategic  overview of the IT industry in Latin America as well as trends, opportunities to invest in Chile and expand its operations to the region.

InvestChile will actively participate in the event, presenting the “IT Investment Opportunities in Chile”, answering questions and providing advice to companies interested in doing business and setting up operations in the country.


Juan Pablo Garnica

Investment Promotion Executive
(56-2) 26639200