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Shared Services & Outsourcing Week North America

26-04-2022 9:00 am Virtual event
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The Shared Services & Outsourcing (SSO) model is recognized as a key value-add for global enterprises. Given the pandemic has been a fact of life for nearly 24 months, the SSO industry have expanded its operations, both geographically and in a boosted productivity; incorporating to the business-as-usual many elements that were considered downright futuristic not so long ago: remote work, robotic process automation, digital humans.

The Shared Services & Outsourcing Week event (SSOW) gathers top executives leading Shared Services Delivery Centers (SSC) and BPO’s along North America which, in conjunction with opinion leaders and 50+ industry experts, will reflect on the industry’s state of the art, analyze market trends and debate on the challenges and opportunities to come: the future of work, automation & digitization.

InvestChile will join the conferences and virtually connect with executives on the networking sessions, as well as during the interactive discussion meetings.


Juan Pablo Garnica

Investment Promotion Executive