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Minister Grau engaged in Dialogue with companies and emphasized added value on his second day in Germany

  • In a series of meetings organized by InvestChile and the Chilean embassy in Germany, the Secretary of State outlined the opportunities offered by the national strategy on lithium and green energy, as well as the role of foreign investment in the challenges faced by the country.


The Economy Minister, Nicolás Grau, had an intense work schedule in Berlin today. The Secretary of State, together with the director of InvestChile, Karla Flores, and the Chilean ambassador to Germany, Magdalena Atria, held a series of meetings as part of the investment promotion roadshow organized by the agency, with the support of the embassy.

Among the activities carried out by the delegation on its second day of activities was a business breakfast co-hosted with the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry, which was attended by local companies interested in the new national lithium strategy and the government’s economic plans.

The meeting was led by Dr. Mark Heinzel, the association’s director for the Americas, who noted that local companies were “surprised by Chile’s current level of economic and social development”. The executive stressed that “Chile has social challenges that need to be be solved for the country to move forward, and this government is taking responsability for problems that are not exclusive to the country”. He also pointed out that “Chile is one of the most sustainable countries not only in Latin America, but in the world, and is working to change its energy matrix, which is something we admire and from which we can even learn”. Heinzel praised Chile’s seriousness and the continuity of its state policies, as well as expressing appreciation for InvestChile’s attaché in Berlin, Vanessa Séverin.

Round of meetings

The delegation’s agenda included a visit to Siemens Energy’s electrolyzer factory, a key component in the large-scale production of green hydrogen and carbon-neutral synthetic fuels. On the occasion, the company expressed its interest in policies and opportunities that promote the integral development of green hydrogen in Chile, and expressed its willingness to collaborate with the State. In this regard, Minister Grau commented that “a new industry is being created, with state-of-the-art technological development, and it is crucial that our country takes part in this process, that it is a global leader and that this is expressed in constructive relations with German investors”.

Siemens Energy, together with several international companies, is developing and implementing the Haru Oni project in Magallanes, the world’s first large-scale integrated and commercial plant for the production of ecological fuel made from green hydrogen.

Minister Grau also had lunch with the editors of the Axel Springer journalistic consortium, one of the largest in Europe, where he discussed new investment opportunities in Chile and the scope of

the government’s strategies; as well as bilateral meetings with companies such as Mercedes Benz, VNG and AMG Lithium.

The Economy Minister’s agenda in Germany concludes tomorrow, with a series of business meetings related to the innovation center, before leaving for France, where he will join the presidential tour.

Check out the images of activities in Berlin below: