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2022 Public Account: Projects supported by InvestChile will create 18,000 new jobs

26 May, 2023
  • During the past year, the agency carried out 109 activities in 20 different countries with the aim of promoting investment opportunities in Chile. 25% of them took place virtually.


InvestChile, the state agency that proactively promotes and attracts foreign investment projects to Chile in order to contribute to the country’s development, has reviewed the work that it carried out in 2022. The agency’s executive director, Karla Flores, reported that during the past year, InvestChile managed and supported 476 investment projects in different stages of development, worth more than US$28 billion.

“More importantly, these projects are associated with the creation of more than 18,000 permanent jobs, which gives meaning to our efforts, because it represents a direct benefit for our country’s inhabitants,” Flores stated. She added that for every dollar of the agency’s budget, 152 dollars of foreign investment entered Chile last year.

The projects that were developed in the portfolio reveal another important piece of information: 72% of the jobs created and 85% of the total invested amount, more than US$10 billion, correspond to investment projects that are being developed outside of the Metropolitan Region.

In 2022, InvestChile provided 1,246 services to 737 foreign companies, and managed investment projects from 47 different countries in its portfolio. “Among the services provided are specific, sectoral and legal advice, the resolution of concerns, and field visits and the delivery of information and analysis regarding key matters, in order to accelerate decision-making,” the executive director of InvestChile explained.

Another important fact was that 251 legal procedures were carried out in the period, taking an average time of only 1.4 days. “This was made possible thanks to the digitization of all of our procedures, enabling us to provide remote attention to all foreign investors,” Flores said.

During the year, the agency carried out 109 activities in 20 different countries with the aim of promoting investment opportunities in Chile. 25% of them took place virtually.


2023-2025 Goals

For the next three years, InvestChile’s main challenge is to make foreign investment an engine for the recovery of the country’s economy and, at the same time, for the benefits of this investment to have a positive impact on the quality of life of Chileans. To meet this challenge, the agency has set itself the goal of increasing concrete investment by 70% to US$17 billion, so that the initiatives that are finally developed in Chile become part of its portfolio.

“But not only that; we are working so that these projects create 7,000 new jobs. In this way, we will be fulfilling our mandate and the objective that we have had since our foundation, by making foreign investment have an impact on generating more and better opportunities for everyone,” Flores stated.

InvestChile’s work in achieving this goal will be centered on four main areas: contributing to the development and deployment of new key industries for the development of the country and its

people; consolidating Chile’s position as a hub of technological infrastructure and knowledge-based services exports; consolidating the operation of the global investment promotion network; and supporting the deployment of regional capacities to promote foreign investment that generates an impact on the development of each region throughout Chile.