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Over the last 30 years, Chile has honed its strengths and competitiveness in order to improve public infrastructure, pioneering Public-Private Associations (PPAs) and incentives for shaping Chile’s virtuous concession system, becoming an attractive & stable destination for investment.

Of the 108 contracts awarded since the concession system began, 74 concession agreements are currently in force, entailing some +US$ 27 billion in committed investment.
Multinationals from 14 countries are currently operating in different industries in Chile, participating in mayor infrastructure projects, including highways, airport terminals, hospitals, reservoirs, among others.

Chile’s attributes

Experience. Chile has demonstrated ongoing state commitment and a strong regulatory framework for the infrastructure industry (Law on Concessions, Concession Agreements and Insurance) and this has earned us high credibility among financiers and successfully boosted productivity and progress.

An industry and ecosystem with high standards of transparency are the basis for a robust public-private partnership and a concession system that offers multiple investment opportunities.

Growth Opportunities. We are the gateway to the region. As a tricontinental nation that is part of the global trade network, our geographical location offers countless possibilities for large-scale projects that improve access and interconnection. The current project portfolio includes 53 projects with a total investment value of US$13 billion.

Chile has the greatest number of trade agreements of any country in the world. Along with being the world’s longest country, boasting 4,300 km of extensive coastline and an average width of 180 km, this makes us an operating hub for multinationals in Latin America

Download Investment Opportunities in Chile:

  • 52 key infrastructure projects throughout Chile
  • Total value of project portfolio: US$ 53 bn
  • Including highways and road improvements
  • Concession contracts
  • Construction of hospitals

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Investment Promotion Executive


Investment Opportunities in Chile: Infrastructure

54 key infrastructure projects throughout Chile 

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How to Invest in Chile

A Step-by-step Guide for Foreign Investors 

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