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International InvestChile Forum 2024 in pictures

Over one hundred of companies from 28 countries with 60 investment projects worth US$9 billion and 3,000 potential jobs participated in the International InvestChile Forum 2024, which is Chile’s most important event for attracting foreign investment. 

The first such Forum was held in 2014, and it aims to provide participating companies with first-hand knowledge of emerging investment opportunities, success stories, economic overview, new economic strategies and foreign investment policies in Chile.

President Gabriel Boric has made a series of announcements on lithium and technology at the VII International InvestChile Forum 2024.

The forum is the largest foreign investment promotion event yet organized in Chile, and the president emphasized the high level of interest from multinational companies in developing their projects in the country.

«We have incredible opportunities in Chile, and foreign investment has taken note. The fact that in 2023 we have attracted a record amount of foreign direct investment worth more than US$21.7 billion, the highest figure since 2015, shows that foreign companies trust our country. Because we have clear rules, solid institutions, and because a democratic Chile is capable of solving its problems with more democracy, not less,» he stated.

The event started with the plenary session, followed by sector breakout sessions with key local players and a large-scale matchmaking day, where some 200 business meetings took place.  

This is the seventh InvestChile Forum and projects here focus on Global Services and Technology, Concessions, Lithium and Green Energy Storage.

Check out the best moments of our International InvestChile Forum 2024:


Pictures: InvestChile, Ministerio de Economía y Presidencia.