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InvestChile and Tourism Undersecretariat sign an agreement to promote foreign investment in the sector

13 July, 2022
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  • Both organizations signed a transfer agreement for 18 million Chilean pesos, which will, among other things, help promote business opportunities in high-potential markets in the tourism sector. 

In an effort to join forces between agencies, Tourism Undersecretary Verónica Kunze and InvestChile Director Karla Flores signed a transfer agreement that will help promote foreign investment in the tourism sector. 

This agreement commits 18 million Chilean pesos towards promoting Chile’s participation in international tourism investment events, using digital campaigns in priority markets to disseminate sector opportunities and developing relevant decision-making information for international companies. 

The Tourism Undersecretary commented that “this agreement reinforces the relationship that both institutions have forged through the Executive Committee for Investment Attraction and the Invest in Tourism initiative (since 2016), which have allowed us to continue our work in foreign promotion. With this agreement, we want to create a better international agenda and project an organizational image that will make Chile even more attractive for the investors who already trust us.” 

The InvestChile Director affirmed that the agreement would allow more and better promotion of sector opportunities so that “foreign investment can help us make a leap in quality. This means better jobs, stakeholders linked to local suppliers, revitalization of subsectors, best practices, more inclusion, sustainable companies with more training, among other aspects.” Flores also highlighted that “every year, InvestChile supports more than 70 foreign companies dedicated to tourism that have decided to set up in Chile to offer new experiences in our country.” 

One of the commitments in this agreement and in the Action Plan for Attracting Tourism Investment 2020-2025 is the creation of an international agenda that will consider international tour development, round tables with investors and sectoral workshops, among other activities. 

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