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InvestChile and Circula el Plástico are looking to attract investment to promote recycling in Chile

3 August, 2021
  • Joint actions kicked off with the launch of the “Recycling Infrastructure for Plastic Packaging: Outlook and Opportunities for Investment in Chile” ebook.


InvestChile and the Chilean Plastics Pact, Circula el Plástico, have jointly launched the “Recycling Infrastructure for Plastic Packaging: Outlook and Opportunities for Investment in Chile” ebook. The report aims to identify investment opportunities for the development of recycling infrastructure for plastic packaging in the country.

“As a Chilean foreign investment promotion agency, we are working with Circula el Plástico to identify and attract foreign investors to close the gap that exists in our plastics recycling infrastructure. This is of vital necessity for Chile and represents an attractive business opportunity for companies,” stated InvestChile Investment Promotion Executive, Cristián Sagal.

To attract foreign companies with the potential to invest, Mr. Sagal explained that InvestChile will first develop a digital marketing strategy focused on European markets that already have the technology and experience in this area. “In late August, we will launch the ebook to attract the attention of businesses in the target markets and start setting up one-on-one meetings with those interested in getting to know more about the ecosystem and investing in Chile,” Mr. Sagal added.

Antonia Biggs, Director of the Chilean Plastics Pact, emphasized that Chile is leading the way in the move towards a sustainable development model, thanks to the new Circular Economy Roadmap, the implementation of the Extended Producer Responsibility Law (Ley de Responsabilidad Extendida del Productor, REP), legislation associated with plastics use and the Chilean Plastics Pact.

“This is generating a unique and unprecedented opportunity to boost the economic potential of the recycling industry. The idea of this work in conjunction with InvestChile is to build on the agency’s contacts and expertise, as well as our technical experience and contacts with Chilean investors who are potentially interested in strengthening the industry,” Ms. Biggs stated.

The new ebook establishes a starting point for business opportunities centered mainly on developing more facilities and capacities, as well as promoting a greater geographical diversification of these. While the country already has a significant installed recycling capacity, it will not be enough in the mid to long term to recycle and revalue the waste generated by industry.

Meanwhile, approximately 80% of all available infrastructure is located in the Metropolitan Region, where Chile’s capital Santiago is also located. It is fundamental that the capacities of other areas throughout the 4,200 km length of the country are also expanded.