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10 November, 2022
  • More than 100 representatives of 81 companies from 30 countries will gather in Santiago on December 5, 6, and 7 to find out more about investment opportunities in Chile.  

 With registration to attend the event in-person filling up in record time, anticipation for the VI International InvestChile Forum is continuing to grow ahead of the Inaugural Conference on December 6.  

The President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, will open the hybrid event which will be transmitted globally via live streaming, kicking off three days of activities with more than 100 representatives of 81 companies from 30 countries seeking investment opportunities in Chile.  

The forum—Chile’s most important foreign investment event, which has not been held in-person since 2019—will include a plenary session with 450 attendees that will provide a range of perspectives on topics including investment opportunities in a context of global uncertainty and challenges; local prospects for business development; and cases where foreign investment is being used to develop solutions for sustainability and inclusion in Chile. 

Why is the VI International InvestChile Forum not to be missed? 

Chilean speakers such as Minister of Finance, Mario Marcel; Minister of Economy, Nicolás Grau; and InvestChile Director, Karla Flores will be joined by international presenters including Álvaro Santos Pereira, Chief Economist & Director of Country Studies at the OECD; and Emily Blanchard, U.S. Department of State Chief Economist. 

The event will also include two discussion panels. In the first panel, Giulio Bonazzi, CEO and President of Aquafil; Marisol Garrido, COO of Seche Group; Marco Miranda, Country Manager of Phibion; and Carmina Hernández, Policy Manager at AWS will discuss the role of foreign investment as an engine for future-oriented solutions. 

In the second panel, the Minister of Energy, Diego Pardow; the Minister of Mining, Marcela Hernando; and the Undersecretary of Public Works, José Andrés Herrera, will outline specific investment opportunities in Chile, providing details on the portfolio of projects related to their respective ministries, international tenders, and investment incentives.  

  • Register here and take part in the International InvestChile Forum 2022.  

New sectors, new opportunities 

As part of the event, InvestChile will stage exclusive breakout sessions, where foreign companies will have the opportunity to meet directly with relevant authorities and key players from specific sectors, who will give them first-hand information about the market, public portfolios, projections and country plans for these industries. The sectors that will be addressed are Global Services and Technology, Fintech, Circular Economy, Green Hydrogen and Tourism. A matchmaking session is also planned, where foreign companies will be able to meet potential partners and local suppliers.  

“We wanted to include sectors that represent good investment opportunities in Chile, and which require foreign investment to help us take a leap in quality, speed up our development, and enhance the sustainability of our economy, as well as job creation. This is without neglecting the opportunities presented by the more traditional sectors,” stated InvestChile Executive Director Karla Flores.  

More than one hundred companies from 21 countries participated in the last in person edition of the event held in 2019, bringing more than US$7.2 billion in projects and taking part in more than 200 matchmaking meetings.