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Huawei Cloud launches its first public cloud in Latin America in Chile

28 August, 2019
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The chinese enterprise Huawei – a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices-, launched its first Cloud Platform in Latin America in Chile, which will offer a wide range of solutions for Computing, Storage, Networking, Database and Big Data services, etc.

It is a tool that will help governments and businesses to accelerate digital transformation, which is one of the main challenges worldwide in the short and medium term. Huawei Cloud will be the first international public cloud platform to be established in Chile, providing a localized, low-latency, secure and globally accessible cloud service for Chile and other Latin American countries.

Mr. Edward Deng, President of Huawei Cloud Global Market, made the following remarks: “Cloud computing and AI technologies are important drivers of industrial digitalization. Every industry can make remarkable progress if they adopt cloud and AI technologies. The Chile region was launched to provide local trusted cloud and AI services and solutions to empower government departments and industries such as retail, finance, logistics, and mining across Latin America.”

Also, Mr. Zou Zhilei, president of Huawei Latin America Region, said: “Huawei has been serving Chile for 16 years and has earned the trust of customers, partners, institutions, universities, and governments in the country. ICT plays an increasingly important role in social and economic development, and cloud and AI are critical to ICT development and transition. Cloud services will improve business efficiency while reducing required investment. Companies are increasingly migrating to the cloud, or planning to, and cloud services are driving their businesses to innovate and remain competitive. Huawei Cloud’s mission here is to create a fertile environment for enterprises and governments to digitally transform and improve international competitiveness.”

Cristián Rodríguez, director of Invest Chile said that: “Huawei’s investment, to offer its public cloud in Chile and from Chile to Latin America, reinforces our country’s position as a digital hub and leader in the region in technological transformation and infrastructure. We will also add our commitment to be an open and competitive economy, the one that is increasingly  digitized and automated, because we are currently living with the Artificial Intelligence, and that is a big challenge that force us to be prepared as a country, both in infrastructure as in the preparation of the workers of the future ”.

The multinational highlighted that the public cloud will help entrepreneurs and SMEs to start businesses in a short time and at a lower cost in comparison to private clouds.

The company’s CEO in Chile, David Dou Yong, said that this is Huawei’s sixteenth year in Chile. “We value the trust of governments and customers during this period, we will continue working with the same enthusiasm as always, promoting the development of telecommunications infrastructure and the digital transformation of companies through Huawei technology and products”.

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