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Foreign investment in Chile up by 11% in first eight months of the year

Through to August, the inflow reached US$10,161 million, according to figures released by the Central Bank.  

In the first eight months of this year, Chile received US$10,161 million in foreign direct investment (FDI), according to preliminary figures published by the Central Bank of Chile. This represented an increase of 11% on the same period in 2019 when the inflow reached US$9,120 million. It was also 31% up on the average for the past five years and 12% up on the average for the period since comparable records began (2003-2020).

In August, there was an inflow of US$189 million.  

The most important component of FDI in the first eight months was equity, which represented an inflow of US$5,205 million. It was followed by related borrowing (US$2,577 million) and reinvested earnings (US$2,379 million).

The acting director of InvestChile, Juan Araya, positively evaluated the results in the context of the complex international situation created by the pandemic. “Foreign investment in Chile continues to grow despite the blow that Covid-19 has meant for the local economy. This is good news because, as well as confirming investors’ confidence in our country, it contributes to the economy’s reactivation and the creation of new jobs that will help many Chilean families to overcome the crisis,” said Araya.  

Araya indicated that InvestChile is working to ensure that the pandemic affects investment flows to Chile as little as possible, taking into account that the forecasts of international organizations such as UNCTAD suggest a reduction in flows to Latin America of between 40% and 55% this year.