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FDI qualities: Third policy OCDE Network Meeting

13-03-2019 8:00 am OECD Château de la Muette, Paris, France
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The OECD launched new policy work on measuring FDI qualities during the March 2018 Investment Committee. The objective is to develop a toolbox to equip policymakers with a set of actionable tools guiding countries to mobilise FDI that maximises inclusive and sustainable growth and supports progress towards the SDGs. To support the project, a policy network for multi-stakeholder dialogue on FDI qualities has been established.

The First and Second Policy Network meetings, held in June and October 2018 respectively, presented the methodology and discussed preliminary results for the first two clusters of FDI qualities, notably gender and productivity and innovation.

The Third Policy Network meeting on FDI qualities will be held on 13 March 2019, back-to-back with the OECD Investment Committee week. The objectives of the meeting include:

  1. Provide an update on progress made, based on feedback from Network participants received during the First and the Second Policy Network meetings
  2. Engage in discussion with stakeholders on new FDI qualities indicators for the last three clusters proposed as focus areas in this project, notably, skills, quality jobs and environmental quality
  3. Start discussing next steps with stakeholders on how to make the indicators toolkit an actionable instrument for policy guidance

The director of InvestChile, Cristián Rodríguez, and Karla Flores, chief economist of the agency, will attend these activities in the context of the updating of the FDI Development Strategy.


Karla Flores

Head of Development and Policy Advocay - Chief Economist
(56-2) 26639200