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Foreign investment reached US$ 15 billion as of October

  • The Economy, Development and Tourism Minister, Nicolás Grau, said that «investment trends and dynamics have been better than expected.»

Chile’s Central Bank reported this morning that Chile received US$15.3 billion in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) between January and October this year. This was 27% higher than the average for 2003 to 2022 and 19% higher than the average for the last five-years. It also matches the FDI received during the whole of 2021, which was US$15.3 billion.

Although FDI to October matched the total received in 2021, it was 10% lower than for January to October last year. This is explained by higher investments in the first ten months of 2021, followed by net capital outflows during the last two months of the year.  

Monthly investment was US$1.3 billion, which was higher than average monthly investment for the last 12 months, which was US$1.1 billion. The most important component of FDI was reinvested earnings, which were US$5.9 billion, while equity investment was US$5.5 billion. Finally, debt instruments were ranked third with US$3.9 billion.  

A good year for foreign investment 

The Economy, Development and Tourism Minister, Nicolás Grau, commented on these figures, saying «the investment curve is rising and investment trends and dynamics have been better than expected. This is undoubtedly good news. Although these figures are good, we must still move forward. Therefore, we are still creating opportunities, such as the Sixth InvestChile 2022 International Forum, the new investment attaché offices in Europe and North America, and 28 measures in the ‘Let’s Invest in Chile’ plan.»

«Despite worldwide difficulties, this has been a good year for Chile in terms of foreign investment, which has been above the five-year average. We continue to face huge challenges. Chile has tremendous potential due to its institutional strength, its physical and digital infrastructure and because Chile can clearly combine the fight against the climate change with economic dynamism and greater investment in a totally exceptional manner,» said the Minister.

InvestChile’s Executive Director, Karla Flores, celebrated the continually positive FDI, which is particularly dynamic and mentioned that «the Sixth InvestChile International Forum was well received, which represents one more indication that foreign companies are interested in Chile.».

This event was held earlier this week and brought together more than one hundred corporate executives from 28 countries who are proposing projects that if completed will inject US$4 billion in investment into the country and create 1,900 new jobs.

Flores said, «despite the challenging global environment, Chile is attracting companies that are not only strengthening the economy but are also aligned with the sustainable investment in the latest technology and advanced human capital that we desire for Chile, to generate high quality jobs and position Chile as a benchmark within the region.»