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FDI exceeds US$10 billion in the first half

8 August, 2022
  • Chilean Economy, Development and Tourism Minister Nicolás Grau emphasized that the figure: “reveals that foreign companies continue to trust Chile for the development of their projects in the region.”  

Chile’s Central Bank reported this morning that Chile received US$10.6 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) between January and June this year. This figure is 23% above the five-year average of US$8.7 billion. 

The flow during the first half-year was 14% down on that registered for the same period of 2021, when FDI totaled US$12.4 billion. InvestChile, Chile’s Foreign Investment Promotion Agency, explained that this decrease is due to the high base of comparison that was triggered by an unusual inflow into Chile of US$5.8 billion in February 2021 due to specific acquisition operations.  

Specifically in June, flows reached US$1.04 billion, a figure that is in line with the 12-month average of US$1.12 billion.  

The most important component of FDI flow during the period was profit reinvestment, recorded at US$4.3 billion. Shares in equity capital totaled US$3.4 billion and debt instruments were recorded at US$2.9 billion. 

Dynamic foreign investment 

Economy, Development and Tourism Minister Nicolás Grau highlighted that the figures show that foreign investment in Chile remains dynamic. “Considering the complex global economic situation, foreign companies are continuing to choose Chile within Latin America to set up and grow their projects in the medium- and long-term.  Therefore, as a government we are working on public-private investment and coordination with the goal of retaining the confidence that international companies have in our country,” said Grau. 

Meanwhile, InvestChile director Karla Flores emphasized that “at the agency we are continuing to work to attract investors whose projects will generate a positive impact on our population – with more and better jobs, increased technology and opportunities for professional training and development – and contribute towards Chile’s sustainability. In our day-to-day work at the agency we see that foreign companies continue to be interested in investing in Chile and that is a good sign, above all in the complex global scenario that we are currently seeing,” said Flores.