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Foreign investment in Chile reaches US$14.5 billion in August

10 October, 2023
  • According to InvestChile calculations, this figure is the fourth highest for this period for the years 2003-2023.

Chile’s Central Bank has this morning revealed the foreign direct investment (FDI) data for the January-August period, which show a total cumulative flow of US$14.5 billion.

According to InvestChile calculations, the figures particularly highlight the US$1.6 billion in FDI that entered in August. Meanwhile, the cumulative total is similar to the US$14.5 billion recorded for the same period in 2022. It is particularly noteworthy that the 2023 cumulative figure is the fourth highest for the years 2003-2023.

The cumulative figure to August 2023 is slightly higher (4%) than the five-year average for the period of US$13.9 billion.

The most important components during the period were shares in equity capital at US$9.1 billion and profit reinvestment at US$6.5 billion. Debt instruments, meanwhile, presented a negative flow of US$1.1 billion because of the greater number of amortizations compared to earnings.

FDI remains solid

InvestChile Director Karla Flores welcomed the figures and stressed that investment by foreign companies in Chile continues to be robust. Flores spoke of the need to continue boosting the opportunities that the country has to offer, especially in terms of talent.

“So far, foreign investment behavior has been very similar to that of 2022, when a record amount was registered and this is undoubtedly good news. While these numbers demonstrate the dynamism of foreign investment in Chile, it is important for us to continue working in an articulated manner to attract investment that generates quality jobs, training, new technology and opportunities for all. In this regard, as an agency, we are developing a set of measures both to enhance the talent pool in the country – crucial for companies to operate in Chile – and to promote the new generation opportunities our country is offering, which are key to fighting global climate change,” Flores said.

The Director of InvestChile and Chile’s Economy Minister Nicolás Grau are currently carrying out an investment promotion tour in Asia, with activities scheduled in Japan, Korea and China.