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Eureka Global Innovation Summit

19-05-2021 9:00 am Virtual event
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The European Network of Research and Innovation Centres & Hubs (ENRICH) is a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating cooperation between Europe and Latin America in research, technology and entrepreneurship. The organization supports the internationalization of European companies interested in doing business in Latin America. It connects companies and public entities from both regions in order to generate knowledge transfer, provide support and establish trust.

Eureka Global Innovation Summit is a virtual event that will bring together European companies who are members of ENRICH with public entities from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and Chile, to identify collaboration opportunities in innovation, research and development between Europe and Latin America in the areas of digital economy, clean energy and the post-COVID scenario.

InvestChile will participate as a speaker and panelist in the “Partnership for innovation EU – Latin America” session, promoting Chile as a key location for foreign investment and highlighting the strengths and opportunities that Chile possesses in renewable energy and in the digital realm.


Juan Pablo Garnica

Investment Promotion Executive
(56-2) 2663 9200