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Equifax inaugurates expansion of Santiago Development Center

15 December, 2016

The expansion will allow the Center to accommodate 50 new engineers in addition to the 115 who already work there.

The success of the work carried out by 115 engineers at the Development Center which Equifax has in Santiago persuaded the US-based company to expand the Center to accommodate a further 50 professionals so as to continue developing products and services for the 24 countries where it has operations. The inauguration of the new premises was attended by the Director of InvestChileCarlos Álvarez.

Equifax opened its center for the development of data management, analysis and enrichment technologies in Santiago in 2009. It is the company’s largest technology development center internationally and served as a model for other similar centers in Atlanta and Dublin.

“Thanks to the constant innovation that takes place here, Equifax is able to offer its clients the best products and services. The work carried out here allows the company to consolidate its leadership as a provider of services and solutions for the management, analysis and enrichment of information,” said Carlos Johnson, General Manager of Equifax Chile.

He added that the expansion of the Center’s capacity is a recognition of the quality of the work undertaken by many Chilean developers who have created services that are used in numerous markets. They have, for example, created systems to reduce the risk of being a victim of fraud, to verify clients’ identity remotely, exchange information in real time and process big data.


Respecto de la inauguración, el director de InvestChile, Carlos ÁlvarezAt the inauguration, the Director of InvestChileCarlos Álvarez, indicated that “this is the type of investment we want to attract to the country as part of our strategy of promoting investment in global services. Our focus is on companies that export business and digital services, companies that strengthen our digital ecosystem and companies working on the industrial internet, which includes artificial intelligence and the internet of things. Through this strategy, we are encouraging overseas companies to use Chile to export our only inexhaustible resource: the talent of our professionals and technicians.”

“It is a privilege to work for a company that develops state-of-the-art solutions and allows you to relate with professionals in other countries like the United States and China; the company expects us to generate new ideas and give them value,” said Gabriel Quijada, a 25-year-old IT engineer, during the inauguration. Similarly, 29-year-old Sebastián Arancibia emphasized that “I have learned about technology and excellence of work but, above all, I would highlight the opportunity to be creative and work together with interesting and very motivated people.”