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Foreign companies participated in the second cycle of InvestChile’s “Measure What Matters” program

3 July, 2023
  • The evaluation, developed by Sistema B, was applied to companies in order to detect improvement opportunities in the socio-environmental field.

InvestChile, the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency, carried out the second cycle of its “Measure What Matters” program, prepared by the sustainability agency Sistema B and which aims to promote and improve the management of the companies’ socio-environmental areas.

On this occasion, fifteen foreign companies participated -whose projects are supported by InvestChile-, that had already been part of previous versions of the program. In this second cycle, opportunities for improvement in socio-environmental matters were further explored, allowing companies to recognize and integrate strategic and specific subjects, utilizing a collective construction on new ways of moving towards a responsible economy that caters for all stakeholders.

The evaluation focuses on the areas of governance, workers, community, environment and customers. Within them, issues such as diversity, equity, inclusion, environmental management, professional development, economic impact on the community, among others, are evaluated.

The director of InvestChile, Karla Flores, stressed the importance of the program since at present, companies with greater sustainability and social responsibility have a significant competitive advantage in the market, which in her opinion will increase in the future.

“Consumers, investors and employees are increasingly concerned about company’s social and environmental impact, and are making purchasing and investment decisions based on their values and concerns. And that’s why at InvestChile, in addition to accompanying foreign companies to establish or expand their projects in the country, we want to assist them in implementing improvements and good sustainability practices, “said Flores.

Gender Equality

Diversity, equity and inclusion are one of the work areas in the “Measure What Matters” program, where companies measure their strengths and improvement opportunities compared to the rest of the industry.

Among the strengths of the network of companies that participated in this cycle, an above-average performance in two areas stands out: the presence of female executives and the promotion of inclusive work environments, which includes the measurement of various good practices implemented in order to create inclusive and equitable work environments.

On the other hand, the evaluation detected improvement opportunities in aspects related to the pay gap, the inclusion of underrepresented groups and practices related to the management of diversity, equity and inclusion. Addressing these challenges will allow the network of companies participating in this version to consolidate their commitment to equality and the creation of a truly inclusive work environment.