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Chile’s Economic Outlook 2021 and Pro-Investment Measures

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The Economy, Development and Tourism Ministry, together with InvestChile, invite you to take part in the virtual event  “Chile’s Economic Outlook 2021 and Pro-Investment Measures.”

The objective is to analyze the current economic situation and its challenges, and to define an agenda to stimulate investment.  InvestChile will also present its new tools for foreign investors:

5 e-Books detailing projections and opportunities in the Energy, Mining, Food, Global Services and Venture Capital industries.



9:00 Chile’s Economic Outlook 2020 and Pro-Investment Measures

Lucas Palacios – Economy, Development and Tourism Minister

9:25. Launch of InvestChile Insights, 5 e-Books for investors: Energy – Mining – Food – Global Services – Venture Capital

9:35 – 10:00 – Dialogue with established companies in Chile

Andrés Rodríguez – Managing Director of InvestChile

9:50-10:00 – Questions and close