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Chile’s Central Bank revises figures upward: Foreign investment grew by 31% in 2022 to highest level since 2014

  • Chile’s Central Bank revised its previous report and corrected figures on incoming foreign investment to the country last year, which reached US$20.9 billion.


Yesterday, Chile’s Central Bank published balance of payments, international investment position and external debt figures for the fourth quarter of 2022, rectifying the amount of incoming foreign investment to the country last year, which increased by 31% to US$20.9 billion.

This figure is 50% above the average for the last five years and 46% higher than the historical average for 2003-2022.

FDI inflows to Chile last year include US$8.85 billion in new capital contributions and US$10.8 billion in reinvested profits, while debt instruments accounted for US$1.24 billion.


Investment reaffirms confidence in Chile

InvestChile director, Karla Flores, highlighted the importance of the record FDI inflows to Chile last year, and emphasized their contribution to the country’s economic recovery. “These figures not only reaffirm the confidence that foreign companies have in Chile; what’s also important is that they will help to generate more jobs, more innovation, and more training. That is, more opportunities to develop talent and improve the lives of the Chilean people”, she noted.

“This is good news, but it also constitutes a challenge that motivates us to keep working. We know that the global economy is currently facing a complex scenario, and forecasts suggest that 2023 will be a particularly difficult year for attracting investment. Nevertheless, we are focused on continuing to promote opportunities in future-oriented and high-value sectors for the country, such as clean energy, technology infrastructure, agrifood innovation, circular economy, and green hydrogen, among others”, she added.