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Chile Fintech Forum 2021

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InvestChile is sponsoring the next Chile Fintech Forum, the most important financial technology event in the country.  A free and fully digital event will be taking place on May 4, 5, and 6.

Some topics will be:

  • Fintech regulation
  • OpenBanking and OpenFinance
  • Digital financing
  • Wallets, payments, and digital remittances
  • Investment and digital savings
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • Venture Capital

It is aimed at Fintech Companies, Regulators, Banks, Payment Processors, Technology Providers, Cybersecurity Companies, Investors / Accelerators, Consultants and Lawyers, Universities / Academic Institutions.

About the platform:

It will have live content daily, plus the amount of content On Demand, allowing to find material such as (Interviews, conferences, demos, etc). In addition, on the CMS 365 platform, there will be private chats, rooms with special topics. It will also be able to visit or have a virtual stand where people will enter and have your information. There they can have an institutional video, a demo, and a meeting room.


Beatriz Herrera

Investment Promotion Executive
(56-2) 26639200