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Chambers of Commerce reaffirm foreign investors’ confidence in the country at meeting organized by InvestChile

  • Representatives of 19 countries met during a new session of the InvestChile Talks during which they valued the agreement reached to draft a new Constitution and informed the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency about the impact and doubts generated in their member companies by the current situation in the country.

Binational chambers of commerce and embassies representing 19 countries met this morning with InvestChile in a new session of the InvestChile Talks to analyze how the country’s social crisis is affecting their member companies, listen to their doubts and inform them about the support the government can provide.

The event was chaired by the director of InvestChile, Cristián Rodríguez, accompanied by Manuel Alcalde, coordinator of Tax Policies at the Finance Ministry; Juan José Obach, director of the Economy Ministry’s Office for the Management of Sustainable Projects; Constanza Cea, executive director of the Imagen de Chile Foundation; Rosario Navarro, counselor of the Manufacturers’ Association (SOFOFA); and SOFOFA’s international director, Manuel José Prieto.

The conversation was opened by the director of InvestChile, who reported on the actions the agency is taking in the current situation. “We have structured this work in three phases: the first one, which is underway, has to do with gathering information and background from first-hand sources, such as companies, chambers and embassies, a phase that will conclude with this meeting; the second involves generating dialogue with relevant actors; and the third is the presentation of proposals and a concrete action plan,” said Rodríguez.

As the conversation progressed, the chambers’ representatives agreed that, although there are concerns about the process the country is undergoing and although some of their member companies have been affected, confidence in Chile as a destination for their investments continues, along with their vision of its stability and institutional framework in the long term. They also valued the agreement reached by Congress for drawing up a new Constitution, identifying it as a good initial sign of the restoration of social peace.

In addition, they indicated that member companies’ main concerns have to do with the impact on SMEs which, in many cases, account for an important percentage of their members; the need for an effective channel to transmit official information to their parent companies about legislative changes and the measures taken by the government; and the actions the government will take to strengthen the country’s image overseas.

The executive director of the Imagen de Chile Foundation, Constanza Cea, indicated that “the InvestChile initiative to boost dialogue and share experiences and concerns was key since these spaces are important for building trust, clarifying uncertainties and communicating information; the image of Chile is fundamental, particularly in the current context.”

Cristián Rodríguez thanked the chambers for their support and stressed that many of them showed interest in working together to strengthen the country’s image and the development of new investments. “We are available 24/7 to talk with companies. The agency’s role is to get the word out abroad, especially in this stage: to transmit to your countries what Chile is doing, looking towards the future, to construct a new country image in accordance with the process we are experiencing,” he said.