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  1. What is Visa Tech?

Visa Tech is an initiative that seeks to streamline the process of obtaining a work visa in order to make it easier for local and overseas companies in the technology services sector and enterprises related to Start-Up Chile to hire professional and technical personnel specialized in the area of technology services who are not available in the country, either in the number or of the standard required.

Under this initiative’s streamlined process, it is possible to obtain a Work Visa within a maximum period of 15 working days.


  1. What is the aim of Visa Tech?

This initiative seeks to help reduce gaps in the availability of specialized human capital in the technology services sector.


  1. Who does Visa Tech benefit?

Visa Tech is a benefit that can be used by technology services companies and enterprises participating in the Start-Up Chile program which need to hire highly qualified foreign personnel of a type not available in Chile.


  1. What are the requirements for obtaining a Visa Tech?

Any foreign professional or technician in the areas of science and technology or with proven experience in innovation, whether located in Chile or overseas, can apply for this visa when hired by a technology services company that holds a letter of invitation and/or a certificate of sponsorship from InvestChile (in the case of companies with overseas capital), from Start-Up Chile (if the company is associated with this program) or the Undersecretariat of Economy (in the case of local companies).


  1. Wich documents are necessary to apply?

In order to demonstrate compliance with the requirements, the company must present the certificate of sponsorship and a simple copy of the work contract. This contract must be for a minimum of three months and include specific clauses on social security, income tax and the period of the contract.


  1. What is the application process for a Visa Tech?

In the case of a foreign citizen already in Chile, companies interested in accessing the Visa Tech system through InvestChile should submit a request for a Certificate of Sponsorship.

If the potential employee is not in Chile, the company should request a Personalized Letter of Invitation for Business Purposes, which will permit the potential employee’s early entry into Chile in order to complete the hiring process there, and then apply for the Work Visa.

For this purpose, the company’s request should indicate specific details of the potential employee’s identity and background.


  1. What is the Tourist Visa for Business Purposes?

This is the initial type of visa to be used for a potential employee’s final evaluation in Chile. If the company and the potential employee reach an agreement, a Visa Tech should then be requested.

There are two ways of applying for a Tourist Visa for Business Purposes:

  1. Persons of a nationality for which Chile does not require a consulate-issued tourist visa need only present the Letter of Invitation from the sponsoring institution, along with their passport, to the immigration authorities at the airport or border-crossing point.
  2. Persons of a nationality for which Chile requires a consulate-issued tourist visa should go to the following link and provide the information indicated there, attaching a digitized copy of the documents requested.

Within no more than three working days, the consulate will notify the applicant of the time and place for the physical presentation of the documents required and the collection of the Tourist Visa for Business Purposes with which the applicant can enter Chile for final evaluation by the potential employer.

Once the potential foreign employee is in Chile and if the parties reach an agreement on the hiring, the company must apply to InvestChile for a Visa Tech.


  1. How long does a Visa Tech last?

The Visa Tech is a temporary work visa and is, in other words, “subject to contract”.


  1. What is its advantage?

It serves as a fast track through which to obtain a visa within 15 working days as from the date of presentation of the application and concludes with the obtaining of the Visa and an Identity Card.


  1. What happens in this period of 15 days?

During the period of application for a Visa Tech, the sponsoring institution – in this case, InvestChile – will notify the company making the application about the dates and times for:

  • Stamping the visa in the passport and making the corresponding payment;
  • Registering the visa with the Police Service;
  • Applying for and collecting an identity card.