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Webinar: FinTech in 2021, a great opportunity for economic reactivation

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InvestChie is sponsoring the event ‘FinTech in 2021, a great opportunity for economic reactivation’, organized by the CCI-Franco-Chilean Chamber of Commerce and The Start Up Club.

On the occasion, the following topics will be revised:

  • Map of FinTech in Chile and its 2021 challenges
  • How FinTech revolutionizes the Financial Industry
  • The imperative of being Green and Inclusive in Finance
  • Public financing: How to take advantage of the R&D Law and subsidies
  • Creation of a regional FinTech Hub: the French Finance Innovation model and the Fintech Place

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Vanessa Severin

Coordinadora de Relaciones con Inversionistas
(56-2) 2663 9200