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Schneider Electric plant’s inauguration

05-12-2019 12:00 am Quilicura
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The Schneider Electric plant inauguration’s agenda is the following:

10:00 10:10 Reception of guests

10:10 10:30 Safety First, Welcome, Moving Videos and Virtual Tour

10:30 10:40 EcoStruxure Planta Santiago – Connectivity System of our IoT devices

10:40 10:50 EPP Plant Tour Preparation

10:50 11:15 Plant Tour

11:15 11:45 Words from Luc, Rafael, Mario, Paulo, Pablo, acknowledgments to the task force of moving

11:45 12:00 Press Conference


InvestChile’s Director Cristián Rodríguez,  will meet with Luc Remont, Senior Vice President of the Schneider Electric Group immediately after the tour (11:15). The company already has a separate room reserved. Francisca Cruzat, Corfo’s Director of International Affairs  and  the  authority Juan Elviro Carrasco, mayor of Quilicura will be participating as well.



Juan Pablo Garnica

Investment Promotion Officer