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Chile: A biomedical research hub. An achievable dream?

24-05-2022 10:30 pm Virtual event
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To commemorate International Clinical Trials Day, which is held on May 20, the Chamber of Pharmaceutical Innovation of Chile has organized a seminar titled “Chile: A biomedical research hub. An achievable dream?”, which will discuss the experience of the United Kingdom and the strategy implemented to strengthen the country’s innovation ecosystem, enabling it to stand out in the field of scientific research. It will also address the challenges that exist in Chile regarding the enabling conditions for investment in science, and the promotion of science-based innovation and development.

The seminar will be attended by InvestChile director, Karla Flores, and the country’s Minister of Science, Technology, Knowledge, and Innovation, Flavio Salazar, together with other public officials.

The seminar will be transmitted on Tuesday, May 24 at 10:30 p.m. through the following platforms: and T13ENVIVO.