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Food Industry

Investment Opportunities

Chile is one of the world’s 15 leading food exporters. The sector offers opportunities in fruit and agriculture, wine and grape by-products, olives, meat and dairy by-products, salmon, support industries, processed foods and biotechnology applied to the food industry.

In 2015, Chile’s exports of food and beverages reached US$14,526 million, accounting for 23% of total exports. The country has one of the world’s only five macrozones with a Mediterranean climate, offering excellent conditions for fruit growing. In addition, the country’s length and diversity of climates permit year round production as well as supporting the different forms of animal and vegetable life that underpin the diversity of its agricultural and aquaculture industries.

The natural barriers that protect Chile and transform it into a phytosanitary and zoosanitary island mean that it is a country free of pests.

Patricio Carvallo | Investment Attraction Executive