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Investment Opportunities

In order to satisfy the increase in demand for energy, Chile requires both new conventional energy projects that comply with sustainability criteria and non-conventional renewable energy (NCRE) projects. Under the government’s Energy 2050 program, the aim is for 60% of the country’s electricity to be generated from renewable sources by 2035 and, by 2050, for the figure to reach at least 70%. In 2015, renewable sources accounted for 41% of the electricity produced in the SIC and SING grids.

Chile currently has an installed capacity of 20.7 GW (net capacity, February 2016) in its four grids: the Central Interconnected System (SIC), the Northern Interconnected System (SING) and the two smaller systems serving the Aysén and Magallanes Regions. The SIC accounts for most of the country’s net electricity. In 2015, gross electricity generation in the SIC and the SING reached 71,699 GWh, up by 2.6% on the previous year.

Chile needs to diversify its matrix, incorporate new players into the market and consolidate its energy independence, efficiency and sustainability.

Jorge Yáñez | Investment Attraction Executive